Your body’s SIGNALS

Your body’s SIGNALS

Are you LISTENING to your body? Are you catching your body’s SIGNALS?

Fever, cough, feeling low or irritated, changes in bowel or bladder routine, disturbed sleep, increased/decreased thirst or perspiration and last but not the least – pain. These are some of the indicators that your body is naturally equipped to give out. It is ever signaling your conscious being as and when the need arises. The circumstances that trigger it include any attack on the internal harmony of the system that is above its threshold of tolerance.

Why do you then unreasonably doubt this genius super-machine that is equipped with such intricate functions? Why do you disregard your body’s clear signals that cry out loud seeking help?

Unfortunately, you don’t perceive them because you are numbed by the imposed beliefs and conveniences of your faulty lifestyles. This numbness comes from an influence of the society’s socially and commercially vested interests. You have been conditioned to think that the so-called medicine men are your only hope. The reality is that you don’t need anybody but your own self to carry the torch of wellbeing. At the most what you need is only a mediator that can help and guide you to the path towards countering disease, restoring equilibrium and maintaining a healthy state.

Every small signal that arises from within you has to be recognised with utmost sensitivity. This is possible only when you are aware of this gifted potential and have learned the knack of picking it up correctly. Unfortunately, one usually tends to ignore these signals either due to sheer ignorance or because of the overpowering circumstances. E.g. You are scheduled for an important meeting and come up with a headache or fever or pain (read related blog; Pain: a BOON not Bane). The most common thing you will then do is to take a pill to relieve yourself of the symptoms. This is nothing but shutting up your body as it is trying to signal you. In the bargain you end up suppressing your body’s primary defense mechanism. This forces it to launch a secondary defense that usually culminates into a chronic condition.

Therefore, open your mind and listen to your body’s signals. It will speak the language that only you can comprehend. So the next time your body tries to say something, don’t shun it away but rather involve it in the discussion. Understand what it is trying to say and listen to its plea. You will be amazed to know how easy it is to understand your own body and help it reset to factory settings.

Keep reading and happy healing!

Your Health-Wisher,
the healing tribe

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