Beauty &
Pain Consultation

  • Discover alternative ways to restore your health
  • Eliminate the root cause of your current dis-eased state
  • Get access to complementary therapies under one roof

“A well-taken case is half-cured”.
Our case-taking is a very thorough investigative process, which helps us understand you and your life-situation better. Here we zero in on the potential cause of your problems.

How is it done?

1. One-to-One Consultation Session

This includes in-person or online sessions. The number of sessions would depend on the nature of consulting.

2. A Fast-Track Consultation Session

A written case is submitted by you in a prescribed format, which can be downloaded from the website.

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  • Restore the dynamic state of equilibrium
  • Regain a radiant state of well-being and health
  • Align your innate healing power with the universal power

We work towards harmonising the imbalance in a natural way with our non-conventional therapies. Together, we facilitate better physical and mental health by incorporating natural healing laws.

How does it work?

You get an access to the AYUSH group of therapies [A = Ayurveda; Y = Yoga; U = Unani; S = Siddha; H = Homoeopathy] as well as other therapies. The most appropriate therapy or a combination of therapies is carefully chosen to get you up to an optimal healthy state.

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Diet & Nutritional

  • Understand your body and what it needs
  • Get awareness about your nutritional requirement
  • Stay fit, maintain optimum health and live life to the fullest

Each of us is genetically and biochemically unique. We must be aware of this unique biology that works to keep the body in balance. With Nutrigenomics, we help improve nutrition that suits individual needs based on genes, food and lifestyle interactions.

How do we do it?

Using a simple test, we study your genetic code to understand how your body interacts with food and identify what suits you and what does not. You get an individualised nutritional plan with personalised guidelines. It is not only aligned with your DNA blueprint but also your lifestyle and food preferences.

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  • Take charge and keep illness and dis-eases at bay
  • Enjoy a happier life with a healthy body and mind
  • Reduce unforeseen expenses and enhance the quality of life

The future of optimum healthcare is through Preventive and Personalised support. You can now shift your focus from disease management to disease prevention and health promotion. Prevention at therapetickaTM occurs through personalisation.

Why does this work?

The concept of individuality lies at the core of therapetickaTM, which has been followed by all natural healing practices for centuries. So, our approach is different for every individual as everyone is unique. Further, we not only take into consideration the physical aspect but also the mental make-up of a person. This holistic approach helps us give you a customised solution.

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Health &

Fitness of
the Body

  • Enhance vitality and heighten self-esteem
  • Manage stress better and strengthen coping skills
  • Prevent and control future possible illnesses and diseases

We help you to arouse your awareness and understand the power of the mind over matter. By discovering proven and effective ways, we help you sustain optimum health. Thus, you can eradicate the root cause of the disease and accelerate the reversal of pathological processes.

How is it done?

Through our in-depth sessions, we make you aware of the internal bodily functions. We work towards stimulating the process of healing and, thereby, guide your body towards performing its physiological functions normally.

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  • Carry on your day-to-day activities with full vigor and vitality
  • Bring in a balanced state of mind that promotes right decision-making
  • Strengthen your immune system and reduce the risk of severe illnesses

No man is disease-free. However, it is important to bounce back to normalcy from a dis-eased state in a short span of time without complications. But by further helping you to maintain a healthy state in the aftermath, therapetickaTM brings equilibrium into your life.

Why is this important?

Our Health Maintenance program involves various methods that enable you to maintain a healthy body and mind for an active and happy life. We assist to maintain an overall optimal health in the long-run especially after recovery from acute illnesses, as required.

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Beauty &

  • Increase your biological age. Feel and look younger
  • Arrest and reverse the aging process using natural ways
  • Enhance personal confidence and heighten personal influence

There is a difference between one’s chronological age and biological age. Chronological age is the number of years lived since birth, while Biological age is the speed of aging. We help you understand how to repair the body naturally and decrease the speed of aging. We conscientiously practice and preach that ‘Beauty is not just skin deep’.

How is it done?

Aging is an inevitable natural process hastened by various external factors. We help you understand these factors that cause aging and apply natural laws to tackle them in totality. It is a combination of consultation, internal nutrition, external therapies and of course forming simple and easy habits.

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  • Understand your body’s natural pain-killing ability
  • Ease your chronic pain and regain control of your life
  • Get pain relief naturally with no side-effects

We at therapetickaTM understand the natural pain-killing potential of the human body. We have developed various techniques to help facilitate pain-control using your organic ability to invoke these mechanisms naturally.

Why organic and natural methods?

Pain indicates that there is something wrong within our body. However, our bodies are well equipped with the ability to fight and ward off the pain. Unfortunately, the practice of popping in pain-killer medications at the slightest sense of pain has transformed this boon to a curse. At therapetickaTM, we help you reverse this habit so that you can deal with pain naturally.

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Pain Control

You are Unique!
So is your Healing Process