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Why therapetickaTM

therapetickaTM is a Wellness Service Provider to help you live a healthy life that is free of dependency on doctors and medications.
We work on the idea that evokes the body’s inherent healing powers to its maximum potential with only minimal interventions.
We passionately stand to help transform the entire people-kind to enjoy Healthy Living because we believe, “Everyone deserves better health!”

therapetickaTM– A Holistic Approach

We believe in the laws of the universe!

The body, the mind, and the soul are interconnected. The bodily disorders are a manifestation of the disturbed mind or soul. So to heal the body, healing the mind and the soul becomes equally important. therapeticka™ heals holistically by focusing on the two overlooked aspects of the being (mind & soul) using non-conventional therapies to restore well-being.

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Therapies for You

After years of study and research therapetickaTM has come up with some of the best unconventional modalities of healing. Each modality has its own set of processes and works on an individual at the core level for complete healing.


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