Why therapetickaTM

therapetickaTM is a Wellness Service Provider to help you live a healthy life that is free of dependency on doctors and medications.

We work on the idea that evokes the body’s inherent healing powers to its maximum potential with only minimal interventions.

We passionately stand to help transform the entire people-kind to enjoy Healthy Living because we believe, “Everyone deserves better health”!

therapetickaTM – A Different Approach

We believe in the laws of the universe!

The body, the mind and the soul are interconnected and form the Trinity of Life. therapetickaTM is a mediator in the healing process that involves all these three aspects. We bring together various healing therapies on a common platform to deliver one single goal i.e. to heal the planet. Thus, we belong to “the healing tribe”.
If you are someone who wishes to restore your health, want to reduce your dependency on medications or are conscious about preventing possible ailments and potential lifestyle diseases, therapetickaTM is your gateway to a Healthy Living.
Today most people gulp down medicines as a reactive process to treat their ailments rather than making it a proactive process to preserve health. In the bargain, the truth behind self-healing has been overshadowed.
Majority of the disease conditions are psychosomatic i.e. arising from the mind. Although these are expressed mainly through the physical form, their origin is from the dynamic or metaphysical plane. Disorders of the body are just an expression of the deranged mind and/or the soul. Is then treating only on the physical plane enough? How can the body perpetually heal if the mind and the soul are disturbed?

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therapetickaTM – Reverse Engineering

Every being beholds unknown powers to heal. However, it requires awareness of the mind and fuel from the soul. therapetickaTM ignites this consciousness and penetrates into your mind, which stores the root cause of all diseases.
Preventive and personalised therapy with alternative modalities is at the core of therapetickaTM. As the mind plays a vital role in the healing process, we program your mind to positivity and reprogram it to faith and thus, towards health.
The foundation of therapetickaTM is a detailed investigation irrespective of the number of sessions required. We delve deep into you to spot the root cause of your problems. Once we understand you completely, our tribe hand-holds you further through customised modalities and processes that fit you right, for a disease-free you.

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The therapetickaTM Magic

We give people faith, hope and love. Fear is something we work on dispelling.
A new-born child comes to the world with sheer FAITH. The metamorphosis from a cocoon to a butterfly is FAITH. But as we grow older where do we lose our FAITH? The answer is – the world conditions the mind and we start operating from fear, curbing the innate FAITH.

therapetickaTM breaks this cycle because FAITH is natural while fear is imposed.

Thus, we as a mediator facilitate the inherent healing powers of the body to take action through FAITH.

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Health-Care is the Word

therapetickaTM is not a plan born out of strategies. It happened after 20 years of research, understanding, realisation and a deep study of various modalities of healing and beliefs by its founder Dr. Mufassil Dingankar.
His healing from a sudden coma was the turning point of his life and a second chance. One day out of the blue the idea, to share the knowledge he had gathered was seeded and he started nurturing and building therapetickaTM .
Instead of a reactive approach, therapetickaTM believes in a proactive one i.e. the focus is on health-care and not just sickness-care.
Dr. Dingankar affirms, “We do not believe in the word Patient. We have deleted the word patient from our vocabulary and that’s where healing starts for our Patrons. We start with positivity!”.
So, let’s together walk through the aisle of faith, hope and love to a healthy life with a tranquil mind, energetic body and a free soul.

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