What AILS your CELLS#2

What AILS your CELLS#2

Our earlier blog What AILS your CELLS#1 explained the role of your DNA in the functioning of your cells (Read it first if you haven’t already).

Now we look into what affects the DNA and in turn the cells. But let’s put a context to it with the famous quote “Genetics loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger”. This implies that your predisposition to a particular illness won’t bear any manifestations unless you allow the external factors to influence it.

What affects your DNA?

Your DNA bears the characteristics inherited from your ancestors (genotype) that you express in your own unique way (phenotype). Whilst this is a feature unique to yourself, every cell of your body exhibits a commonality too. It represents the universal Trinity of life i.e. the body-mind-soul triad. This trinity is under a continous influence of external factors which can disrupt its equilibrium and in turn your cell’s health.

Let’s look at each of these domains with regard to their roles and the factors that are directly responsible for your cellular well-being.

The Soul of your Cell

Your soul is an intangible aspect of your cell. However, its existence cannot be denied as that’s what animates the dynamic state of your being. The spirit/dynamism of your soul inherently bears the healing power. A continuously maintained self-belief coupled by a robust faith in your creator keeps you sailing through the journey of life healthily. The soul of your cell is thus influenced by your spiritual consciousness. The more aware you are of your self (as a spiritual being), the more easy it is for you to heal spontaneously.

The Mind of your Cell 

Your mind is the cognitive part of your self and is not confined to the brain. It reflects your mental makeup through thoughts, emotions and desires. Your psychology, feelings and behaviour collectively dictate your overall mental health. The mind of your cell is thus influenced by the way you conduct yourself psychologically, emotionally and socially. This is especially important in presence of external stimuli.

The Body of your Cell

The most tangible aspect of your self is the body of your cell. Cells collectively form tissue(s), organ(s), system(s) and finally the whole body i.e. YOU. Every cell of your body is continuously bathed in blood at all times. The body of your cell is thus influenced by the environment it thrives in i.e. the blood. Your cellular health is largely dependent on the nature of your blood that nurses the cells.

Holistically speaking, true health is nourished by a healthy soul and reflected both in the mind and body simultaneously. In our future blog(s) we will discuss this topic in much details. We will ponder on the effective management of each of the triad to maintain an optimal cellular health.

To conclude, you are pre-equipped with the design of self-healing ability of each individual cell. You are the master of your cells as you carry the gift of being in control of your unique DNA. You just have to realise it and manage health all by yourself; that’s all you need.

Keep reading and happy healing!

Your Health-Wisher,
the healing tribe

  • Rizwan Madiwale
    Posted at 09:03h, 01 September Reply

    What about people who dont believe in the creator

    • therapeticka
      Posted at 06:20h, 18 September Reply

      Well, they are still left with NATURE!
      On second thoughts, how can there be a creation without a creator? But that’s for them to decide.

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