The ultimate SELF-HEALING machine

The ultimate SELF-HEALING machine

Human body is one of the best creations in nature. It has an immense healing potential. You were born to heal yourself even though you have now forgetten to do it easily and in a natural way. This is mainly due to your conditioned state of mind against it (Read related blog; Your body’s SIGNALS). The more aware you are about your body’s functions the easier it is to heal yourself without help (read medications). It’s all about channelising your energy in the right direction. This largely depends on whether you can see your inner-self clearly in the first place. Merely being aware of your body’s normal internal functioning will help you detect any abnormality and correct it in a timely fashion. You just have to be ‘aware’ of it though and it is easier said than done.

Self-healing is an automatic process. Your body is inherently designed to take care of its own self and you don’t have to dictate it. However, what you need is a little awareness and conscious support from the mind. So then what interferes with self-healing or rather what derails it?

The internal healing machinery remains in a dormant mode until the time it is triggered by an external attack. For e.g. your body is equipped to release brain chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins to help cope with stress or pain naturally (Read related blog; Pain: Boon or Curse? [coming soon]). However, you are so impatient and inclined towards getting rid of the symptoms that you immediately pop in a pill (read painkiller). This bypasses the body’s capability to get rid of the pain on its own. Also as a result the body’s threshold of pain tolerance goes down and it moves into a state of dependency for that particular medication.

The more aware you are of your internal state of affairs the more easy it is for you to self-heal. If there is visualisation of what is happening inside the body, it triggers a self-healing process immediately. Contrarily, the more unaware you are about your body the more uncertainty of the outcome. Uncertainty usually brings surprises and no one likes an unpleasant one. Certainty about what’s going on inside brings about a subconscious physiological change and so does the healing process. So one of the key tool that should be used by treating physicians, therapists or healers, is to make their patient or client aware of how the internal parts are structured (anatomy) and their functions (physiology). This will help everyone visualise what’s wrong with them thus initiating the repair process (Read related blog; Mind over Matter).

So next time you face the health challenge give your body a chance to take charge and do the healing by itself.

Keep reading and happy healing!

Your Health-Wisher,
the healing tribe

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