WEMUNE™ is an Immunity Booster Kit designed to restore your health naturally.


The reason why you are unwell or got sick in the first place is because your body’s immunity went down. So, it is obvious that to overcome/counter that your immunity has to be brought back to an optimal level. And that’s exactly what our well researched protocol does to your body; in other words, it increases your body’s natural immunity to take over the diseased state and restore health.


What’s different about WEMUNE™?

  1. Enhances immunity to fight a viral infection and aids in improving strength and stamina.
  2. Proven with Zero Side-effects (all the ingredients are obtained from natural sources).
  3. Anti-viral treatment used as a preventive therapy and has therapeutic properties.

What do the results show?

One-year clinical data

99% effective in viral infections

Boosts energy levels within 24 hours

Recovery within 3-5 days

How Does WEMUNE™ Work?

  1. A virus makes your natural immunity unstable. WEMUNE™, first sensitises and stabilises the overall immunity.
  2. Then, it opens the cell’s gates and gains entry inside the cell.
  3. Once inside the cells it incapacitates the viruses to decrease their numbers (viral load).
  4. As soon as the viral load comes below the natural threshold your body’s immunity takes over.


WEMUNE™, thus builds your body’s defence mechanism naturally (without chemicals) and supports the healthy functioning of the affected organ system.

It’s time now to protect yourself by enhancing your individual immunity and that
of your family too. Your HEALTH Is Your WEALTH.

How To Order WEMUNE™ ?

So What Are You Waiting For?

Make health your ASSET.

Invest in building your immunity naturally.

The kit contains 5 different medicines for 5 persons for a 10-day course available for Rs. 4,000/- (@800/person).